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Hi I'm Kenneth Kinyanjui , thanks for stopping by. On the web I am kenju254 but my friends call me Kenju. You can just call me Kenju....

I know C/C++ , Java , VB.NET and I code in Python daily. I do web applications mostly, I tend to use Django and a bit of webapp2(GAE). I am curious to learn Flask ,Pyramid and Turbogears.

I am looking forward to being a emacs master in the next 6 months, I use Ubuntu(13.10) for my development environment and I am a supporter FOSS. You can find me on this:

  1. Github
  2. Bitbucket
  3. Twitter

When I am programming, I love listening to music on Soundcloud and some AfroHouse, HouseMusic will do the trick.

When I am not programming, I spend time on Quora and on my Flipboard stream from my phone. I love Music and I am all rounder so I listen to almost anything but preference to HipHop, and my new love AfroPop, AfroHouse, Qwaito. I play basketball, and also watch the NBA. Miami Heat is my team.

I am not the avid reader but I started picking along, after a being inspired to read The Outliers by Nickson Kaigi and now am on my 3rd book. Follow my book collection on Goodreads Reading is good and I am liking it so far, learning a lot of new stuff.