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04 03 2014

Finally, my blog is up and I am so happy to have achieved one of my 2014 moonshot goals. They were:

  1. Build my site in Pelican
  2. Contribute to an open source project
  3. Learn Emacs
  4. 200 hrs of Quora Reading
  5. Finish 2 books

Why use Pelican if you are a Python Programmer?

Its Purely Python

Pelican is written in Python and uses jinja2 templates for styling and creating themes.

Its Fast, NO load time

By it being a static blog, no databases which means NO server side calls and database queries.

Writing my posts in Markdown

Write you posts in Markdown or reStructured text which can be ported to almost any format.

Its Open Source

#TeamFOSS Pelican is 100% Open Source and nothing as better as working on OpenSource Projects. This lets you meet lot's of people, learn the best coding practices and get mentors.

Look at what Pelican did to me, I found a project called Flasky did a hack, improved the documentation on the theme and now people are happy

Writing my post in Emacs

I know you all wondering why I switched to emacs. Currently, I am a Software Engineer Intern at this cool place called Duma Works where I have been pair programming with the other engineers. They use emacs, so no need to be the odd one out....

I was a Vim die hard, still love Vim and use it but emacs is great too and love what I can do with it in just a month.

Its simple

"Simple is better than Complicated" from the Zen of Python

Pelican is simple, once you set up things just go with the flow. All you need is to write the .md file push it and regenerate...

Its very late in the evening, and I could not have slept without writing this post...

Keep posted to this blog. more cool stuff coming your way...

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